Process control of the coiled tubing and pumping functions improves job efficiency, economics, and operational safety.

The design provides a high degree of reliability over rough terrain and all weather conditions.  No hydraulic or electrical connections are made on location, which makes rig up safer and more efficient.  

The rapid-deployment trailer mounted coiled tubing unit operates with one truck and a three person crew.  Innovative unit layout and effective use of technology enables quick rig up and rig down.  

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Coiled Tubing services for land base wells.

Well Bore Cleanout

Coiled Tubing Cleanout are to restore the integrity of borehole formation. Advantages include:

  • Small environmental footprint

  • Improved logistics that reduce risks and cost

  • Rapid Mobilisation

  • Rapid Rig up

  • Small Crew

  • Effective time management associated with running drill rods while tripping in and out of wellbore

Cementing Operation

When historical coalmine bore wells are abandoned or recompleted, CT Rig is the ideal technique to place small volumes of slurry, very accurately.  Therefore, less preparatory work is required to seal the well.

Coiled Tubing offers several operational and economic advantages.