Whatever your drilling environment or however remote the location, our innovative cementing technologies offer you a range of solutions to achieve zonal isolation for the life of your well.

Our land based mobile cementing units are deployable in harsh environments for year-round operations and require minimal set up requirements, saving time and protects the environment by leaving a very small footprint.

We have developed highly integrated cementing units for unconventional well construction. The units have the capability of carrying bulk cement, supplying cement, mixing slurry and pumping.

 Hilands has performed primary cementing, plug and abandonments and remedial cement projects.



All personnel are trained and experienced in batching, testing and delivery processes.  Hilands have the equipment and experience to conduct testing of the project prior to departure from the plant, ensuring a quality product is consistently delivered. 

Hilands quality process ensures that every load manufactured is weight tested for correct PPG, with grout samples taken of every single delivery. All samples are checked for quality control - ensuring hardness and setting times.

Hilands has NATA Registered laboratory access for product design, testing and custom solutions for our clients.


Hilands plant is fitted with purpose-built equipment designed specifically for slurry mixes.  Each element of cement is delivered by double screw conveyer and turbulated twice prior to entering the mixer.  This slower process ensures the cement particles are finely separated to create a smooth homogenous final mix. 

The importance of this is to have a product that creates a mix that allows the slurry to seal all fine fractures in the borehole and have zonal isolation in the entire length of the borehole.  This important cementing process has been recognised by the industry and meets government regulations.


Hilands’ modern, reliable fleet includes rigid truck grout mixers, specialised 4WD truck mixers and large volume trailer mixers.  These large capacity agitator bowls are key to better efficiency resulting in profitable wells with less environmental footprint impact. Our mixers range in size from 4m3 to 15m3.

Hilands’ mixer bowls, being purpose built, never carry concrete products.  They are designed and built for slurry industry usage exclusively and therefore are much larger than concrete bowls which ensures less deliveries resulting in a lesser footprint and maximum efficiency.  This also ensures that there is no stone aggregate contamination of the mixing bowls or any blockage of the rigs’ delivery pumps, which may cause a partial delivery, through pump failure.  This potential risk could create a pathway for leakage and not result in the aim of ensuring zonal isolation of the borehole length.  It ensures no ferrous materials in our mixes, which may create any likelihood of sparks with gas infusions to the underground mine.

Modern and reliable B-Double powder tankers are also part of the Hilands fleet, ensuring timely delivery of products to meet our client’s requirements.  

The fleet is kept in immaculate condition and are all mine compliant and fitted accordingly