Mobile app ordering system

Effective communication and decision making between the field, plant and office, improves operational efficiency, reduces downtime and promotes a culture of trust.

Hilands Coal Seam Cementing has created a mobile app unique to the industry, to enable operators in the field real time ordering at the click of a button - assisting with improved performance, transparency and instant reporting.

The Hilands order app, 'EASY ORDER; effectively turns your mobile device into an on-the-go ordering system for the coal seam gas industry.  This feature is immediately available when the app is downloaded on a smart phone mobile device.  By tapping the onscreen 'delivery' button, the user is instantly connected to our dispatch team, facilitating a faster response when timing is critical.

Cutting edge technology is important to us. This is the reason we offer clients a quick, easy and trackable ordering system with automated invoicing to allow instant trading of budgets, ensuring profitable wells.