Cementing Rig

The Hilands Cementing Rig is recognised as the most efficient method of mixing cement based grouts. The unique mixing action allows rapid mixing of grouts resulting in very stable mixes, which resist bleed and contamination.

Our aim is to leave a small footprint at all sites of operation. Our operational strategies are constantly reviewed to maintain a cleaner, greener outcome. Our system maximises efficiencies with quick mobilisation and demobilisation with minimal operational staff - all of which contributing to a small environmental footprint.

Our staff who work solely with the Cementing Rig have undergone extensive specialised training and provide ongoing solutions and support to our clients.

  • Higher strength

  • Optimum Mixing

  • High Speed

  • High Shear Immiscible with Water

  • Cost savings

  • Pressure Discharge

  • Simple Cleaning

  • Reliability

  • Integrated Designs

Grout Mixer

This system is designed to provide a continuous mixing operation. The mobile grout mixer is equipped with a high shear mixing pump that breaks the material down to its finest partial size to achieve complete particle wetness.