Cementing Rig

The Hilands site mixer utilises a high speed processor that applies a shearing effect on the cementitious particles. It is here that a violent turbulence and high shearing action is created which is capable of breaking down clusters of dry cement particles. 

Proven technology As the innovators of the system developed in 2016, Hilands mixers are recognised as the most efficient method of mixing cement based grouts and other materials, resulting in very
stable mixes, which resist bleed and contamination by groundwater due to the high water absorption rate. 

  • Higher strength

  • Optimum Mixing

  • High Speed

  • High Shear Immiscible with Water

  • Cost savings

  • Pressure Discharge

  • Simple Cleaning

  • Reliability

  • Integrated Designs

Grout Mixer

This system is designed to provide a continuous mixing operation. The mobile grout mixer is equipped with a high shear mixing pump that breaks the material down to its finest partial size to achieve complete particle wetness.